Friends – Friendship

“FRIENDSHIP” is the second album released by Friends. Like the concept of their previous album, most of the songs in this mini-album are covers. The first track “Kitakaze” was used as the theme song for the 2009 OVA adaption of Kyou no Go no Ni while the rest served as its insert songs.
Released Sept 30, 2009
Catalog Number KICA-995

1. Kitakaze (キタカゼ)
2. GAMBA Ranakuchane (GAMBAらなくちゃね) (original: LINDBERG)
3. Furare Kibun de Rock’n Roll (ふられ気分でRock’n Roll) (original: TOM★CAT)
4. Egao Biyori (笑顔日和) (original: ZONE)
5. my graduation (original: SPEED)

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MP3/320kbpsNo50 MB13 Sept 20174shared

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