GJ Club

J Club (GJ部 / GJ Bu, lit. Good Job Club) is a Japanese light novel series written by Shin Araki and illustrated by Aruya. An anime adaptation of it, produced by Dogakobo, aired between January 10 and March 28, 2013. Shinomiya Kyouya is forced to become a new member of the GJ, an unidentified club that dwells in a room of the former building of a certain school. Here he meets the club leader, Mao, a short girl with a big attitude; Mao’s younger sister, Megumi, who has the heart of a bipolar angel; the recognized genius with a lack of common sense, Shion; and the always-hungry and mysterious Kirara. Time flies with these unique girls around.

Opening Theme
“Mousou★Koukan Nikki” by Otome Shinto
Ending Theme
#1: “I wish ~Tokimeki no Mahou~” by Mao Amatsuka & Megumi Amatsuka
#2: “balance unbalance ~Hontou no Watashi~” by Shion Sumeragi
#3: “Purely Sky: Watashi Dake no Sora” by Kirara Bernstein
#4: “Hashiridasou!” by Mao Amatsuka, Shion Sumeragi, Megumi Amatsuka, Kirara Bernstein

[Feb 20, 2013] OP: Otome Shinto – Moso Kokan Nikki
Bonus Disc: Drama CD 1 ~ 4 (not interested to upload it)
Original Soundtrack & Character Song:
[March 06, 2013] 1. GJ-bu no Ongaku “G”
[April 03, 2013] 2. GJ-bu no Ongaku “J”
[May 14, 2014] 3. GJ-bu no Ongaku “@”

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