LAGOON (ラグーン) is a 5-piece Japanese pop-rock female band under Sony Music Records.
It was announced on October 3, 2014 that actress Takimoto Miori would be the vocalist for the brand new all-female band LAGOON. Auditions were then held to find the other members with the motive to “support women in making their dreams come true.” The members are women who want to make music, but also come from different backgrounds. The members are RINO, the guitarist and a mother of one child, NANA, the bassist and a paramedic, yuri, the drummer and a student, and YUKINO, the keyboardist and a cafe employee. In addition to this, Takimoto is the vocalist under the stage name “MIORI”.[sociallocker]
[2014.11.26] Kimi no Matsu Sekai (君の待つ世界; The World Waiting For You)
[2015.05.27] KNOCKED-OUT BOY
[2015.11.18] Rhapsody In White

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