nano (ナノ) is a faceless Japanese-American singer managed by Horipro and signed to the flying DOG. Prior to making her major debut, she was known as an indie musician on Youtube and Nico Nico Douga. She is a bilingual utaite known for her strong, tomboyish voice. Due to her deep voice, she could be considered a “ryouseirui”. She can sing in both Japanese and English, as she was born in New York. She also often writes English lyrics for the Vocaloid songs she covers, giving them a western touch without losing the original style. Nano often covers Vocaloid and Avril Lavigne songs. Her avatar generally has red mid-length hair and sometimes wears a mask.

[2012.03.14] nanoir
[2013.02.27] N
[2013.06.05] Remember your color.
[2015.01.28] Rock On.

[2012.05.23] Now or Never
[2012.10.10] No pain, No game
[2013.10.30] SAVIOR OF SONG
[2014.02.19] Born to be
[2014.07.23] INFINITY≠ZERO / SABLE
[2015.10.28] Bull’s Eye

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