OKAMOTO – Yokubo wo Sakebe!!!!

First single release from OKAMOTO’s inspired by a great artist Taro Okamoto. Features a track “Yokubo wo Sakebe!!!!,” which is outro theme of “NARUTO Shippuden” and “Future Eve,” which is the theme of “NARUTO Shonen Hen (OP #9)and the short episode aired before “NARUTO: The Movie – Blood Prison.”
ED18: Yakubou o Sakebe!!!” – OKAMOTO’S
Catalog No. BVCL-242
Release Date: August 03, 2011

1 欲望を叫べ!!!!
2 Future Eve
3 Yakubou o Sakebe!!! (TV Size)
4 Future Eve (TV Size)
5 Yakubou o Sakebe!!! (instrumental)
6 Future Eve (instrumental)


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