Precure Colorful Collection Lovely ♥ Pink

Pretty Cure Colorful Collection Lovely♥Pink (プリキュアカラフルコレクションラブリー♥ピンク) is the first album of the “Pretty Cure Colorful Collection” character vocal albums. It will be released on December 17, 2014. The album consists of two CDs and contains character songs for the pink Cures of the franchise as well as some group songs found in different vocal albums.
Catalog No. MJSA-01131/2

≪Track List≫
Disc 1
01 I Want to Be a Light~like a diamonds~
02 M☆M like a Jet Coaster
04 delight hurray!!
05 We Have the Same Dream~SET ME FREE~
06 100% Courage with the Power to Believe
08 ABSOLUTELY! We Are Pretty Cure ~Nagi-nagi&Hono-hono Version~
09 When I See the Sea
10 Ganbalance de Dance〜Saki&Mai〜 (Full Size)
11 Moon in the Sea, Light in My Heart, Sparkling.
12 Pa!To Sunny Sunny Jump♪
13 Mon!Sun Dream
14 Rin・Ring・Link
15 Pretty Cure 5, smile GoGo!
16 Okay Baton
17 1,2,SHOOT! ~Five Explosion~

Disc 2
01 Happy Come Come
02 lalala Shangri-la (Xanadu)
03 Pretty Cure☆Happy☆Christmas
04 Tsu.Bo.Mi~Future Flower~ (Promenade remix)
06 Flower Message
07 The Promised Melody
08 Sm!le L!Nk
09 Girls never give up life
10 Happy☆Song
11 Best Smile
12 Sparkling
13 Heart style
14 Summer’s Meteor Shower
15 First Star
16 Dodeca Love

Cure Black (CV: Yoko Honna)
Cure Bright (CV: Orie Kimoto [樹元オリエ])
Cure Dream (CV: Yuko Sanpei)
Cure Peach (CV: Kanae Oki [沖 佳苗])
Cure Blossom (CV: Nana Mizuki)
Cure Melody (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
Cure Happy (CV: Misato Fukuen)
Cure Heart (CV: Hitomi Nabatame)
Cure Lovely (CV: Megumi Nakajima)

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