Rock stock & too smoking the pillows

Rock Stock & Too Smoking the pillows is a 20th anniversary collection released by The Pillows on June 3, 2009. It features a new song, “1989” and new album mixes. It was released in two versions, a CD+DVD version and a CD only version and as the same day as their other best album Once upon a time in the pillows. The album reached #7 on Oricon charts, and charted for 7 weeks. Funny Bunny is a song performed by The Sketchbook during the Kaimei Rock Festival. It is a cover of The Pillows’ song of the same name and a “Rock Stock version” was used as the ending theme for episode 17.
Catalog Number AVCD-23872

1 1989 6:43
2 サリバンになりたい (Rock Stock Version) 4:13
3 New Animal 3:46
4 スケアクロウ 4:32
5 プロポーズ 3:24
6 Ride On Shooting Star 2:22
7 Mr. Droopy 2:57
8 Ladybird Girl 3:54
9 Tokyo Bambi 4:40
10 Funny Bunny (Rock Stock Version) 3:25
11 One Life (Rock Stock Version) 4:17
12 ハイブリッド レインボウ 3:59
13 ストレンジ カメレオン (Rock Stock Version) 6:04
14 Swanky Street (Rock Stock Version) 4:49

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