5 Centimeters per Second / 秒速5センチメートル

Byousoku 5 Centimeter – a chain of short stories about their distance
Tohno Takaki and Shinohara Akari, two very close friends and classmates, are torn apart when Akari’s family is transferred to another region of Japan due to her family’s job. Despite separation, they continue to keep in touch through mail. When Takaki finds out that his family is also moving, he decides to meet with Akari one last time. As years pass by, they continue down their own paths, their distance slowly growing wider and their contact with one another fades. Yet, they keep remembering one another and the times they have shared together, wondering if they will have the chance to meet once again.
I sat there the entire move trying very hard to like it. At some points, I did. I could appreciate the messages, clear or somewhat hidden, that were being given. However, for most of the movie, I was bored, as though I was waiting for something to happen. Maybe this is because I thought it would be a lot more sad than it turned out to be.

The messages in 5 Centimeters per Second are beautiful. I believe that they should have been conveyed more through character actions than through them having to tell a story to us using words. As I continue through my life, perhaps I will encounter scenarios that will make me think of this movie. I would still recommend that people watch this movie, because there are lessons to be learned and chances are that they’ll enjoy it much more than I did, looking at the sheer amount of 10s that this movie has received. Until then, I’ll continue pondering this movie, and why I, usually so quick to empathize with others and share emotions, was not moved by this piece. 5 cm per Second is a movie that takes a story of growing up and makes it into something that cannot be described as anything less than a masterpiece, with astounding themes, storytelling, art and sound. If someone told me I could watch one movie before I died, I’d undoubtedly choose this one.

Ending Theme: One more time, one more chance
Byousoku 5 Centimeter Soundtrack
Makoto Shinkai Image Album “PROMISE

Masayoshi Yamazaki – One more time, One more chance

One more time, One more chance / 山崎まさよし
秒速5センチメートル ED Theme.
Released: Mar 03, 2007
Catalog No. UPCH-80013

≪Track List≫
1. One more time, One more chance
2. Yuki no Eki ~One more time, One more chance~
(from “Byousoku 5 Centimeter” Soundtrack)
3. One more time, One more chance (Hikigatari Ver.)
File Size: 38 MB (w/ BK)

Byousoku 5 Centimeter Soundtracks

5 Centimeters Per Second Soundtracks
秒速5センチメートル Soundtracks
Byousoku 5 Centimeter Soundtracks
Released: Jul 19, 2007
Catalog No. CWF-0102-3

≪Track List≫
01 Oukashou
02 Omoide wa Tooku no Hibi
03 Shousou
04 Yuki no Eki
05 Kiss
06 Kanae no Kimochi
07 Yume
08 Sora to Umi no Shi
09 Todoke Kanai Kimochi
11 One more time, One more chance Piano ver.[sociallocker]
File Size: 67 MB (w/ BK)[/sociallocker]

Makoto Shinkai Works Image Album “Promise”

Makoto Shinkai Works Image Album “Promise”
Released: December 09, 2009
Catalog No. CWCD-3

≪Track List≫
1. One more time,one more chance (Instrumental)
2. Omoide wa Tooku no Hibi
3. Kanae no Kimochi
4. The Place Promised in Our Early Days [Main Theme]
5. Futari no Keikaku – Kibou to Akogare
6. Sayuri
7. The Place Promised in Our Early Days [Main Theme] (Piano Version)
8. Futari no Kattou
9. Kimi no Koe (Instrumental)
10. Through the Years&Far Away
11. Mikako kara no Tayori
12. She and Her Cat [Main Theme]
13. She and Her Cat (Piano Version) -Bonus Track-[sociallocker]
File Size: 130 MB (320kbps +log + bk)[/sociallocker]