Princess Comet Best Song Compilation

コメットさん☆ベストソングコレクション: ■また逢う日まで■
Released: January 26, 2002
Catalog No. NECA-30057

≪Track List≫
1. 君にスマイル(新堀奈夕)
2. ミラクルパワー~スターダスト☆バージョン~(中山静香)
3. ゴーイングLove(メテオ:本多知恵子)
4. ラヴ?ハンタァー~お蔵入りバージョン~(羽仁神也:津村まこと)
5. 渚のラヴァーソウル(ラバボー;ラバピョン:川田妙子;あおきさやか)
6. トゥインクル☆スター(千葉紗子)
7. コメット☆ソング(田中小百合)
8. Feeling Soul(今川瞬:下和田裕貴)
9. 虹(三島佳祐:浅野まゆみ)
10. おいでよ!藤吉家(藤吉剛:間宮くるみ,寧々:松岡由貴)
11. My Muse~アコースティックバージョン~(メテオ:本多知恵子)
12. きらめくバトンガール(千葉紗子)
13. 星のパレード☆(田中小百合)

Princess Comet BGM Part 2

Princess Comet Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
Released: Dec 29, 2001
Catalog No. NECA 30054

≪Track List≫
1. JOY OF LOVE,forever
2. ミラクルパワー~スターダスト☆バージョン~ (TVサイズ)(中山静香)
3. 魔法のドア
4. キラキラ☆ラキラキ
5. 胸に住むひと
6. ベビースネイク
7. わすれモノ
8. トワイライト
12. ねこ车掌オン·ザ·トレイン
13. あかない键
15. 空のおさんぽ
16. バブリーラバボー
17. 星空舞踏会
18. さいごの好き
19. 星のパレード☆(TVサイズ)(田中小百合)
20. JOY OF LOVE,again

Princess Comet BGM Part 1

Princess Comet Original Soundtrack Vol. 1
Released: June 27, 2001
Catalog No. NECA-30038

≪Track List≫
1. 星のトレイン
2. 君にスマイル (オープニングテーマ)
3. ヘンシン!
5. 終わらない夜
7. Looking For Your Heart ~君のハートはどこ?~
8. マジカルコメッ
9. 輝きをさがして
10. ワクワク惑星
11. 涙の雨音
12. へなちょこラグ
13. ミステリアス・メテオ
14. ハロー!ハロー!
15. Feeling Soul
16. いつもの笑顔
17. らぶりーラバボー
18. はじめての好き
19. トゥインクル☆スター (エンディングテーマ)

Princess Comet

Princess Comet (コメットさん☆) is a manga series created and illustrated by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, the creator of Tetsujin 28-go and Giant Robo. The Manga is first serialized in Shueisha’s monthly Margaret magazine from July to November 1967, marking as one of Japan’s first Magical Girl series produced. An anime adaptation of the drama series titled Cosmic Baton Girl Princess Comet was animated by Nippon Animation, directed by Mamoru Kanbe of Cardcaptor Sakura and written by Akira Okeya of Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. Character designs were done by Kazuaki Makida, who later contributed to the characters designs of Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch. The series premiered on TV Osaka and TV Tokyo from April 1, 2001 to January 27, 2002, with a total of 43 episodes.

Comet (12 years old in human years) is the princess of the Harmonica Star country and was to meet the prince of the Tambourine Star country at a ball where he’d pick a bride. But he isn’t there and so Comet is sent to Earth to find him. He’ll be known by the starlight in his eyes. She finds the Earth and she loves the people she meets there. Meanwhile, Princess Meteor of the Castanet Star country also arrives on Earth in search of the prince. Comet’s companion is a little puppy with a star at the end of his tail named Rubba Ball. Of course, Comet was not the first to visit the Earth and love it, another before her did as well and married. Her pet (a white cat with bunny ears and a tiny heart on her tail named Bunny) continued life as a kind of fairy in the forest. Comet’s power is drawn from the stars of her home and is channeled through her baton; she also wears a special pendant from where Rubba Ball immerges, and with which she can detect and find the prince.

Comet-san is a sweet and funny children’s anime that can enchant kids and grownups alike. The animation is bright, the music is brisk, the voice acting is enthusiastic, and the story moves along at a steady pace. The characters learn about themselves and grow as the story progresses and there is an appropriately satisfying ending.

Opening Theme
#01: “Kimi ni Smile” by Nayu Niibori
#02: “Hoshi no Parade” by Shizuka Nakayama
Ending Theme
#01: “Twinkle Star” by Saeko Chiba
#02: “Comet Song” by Sayuri Tanaka
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