Danchigai (だんちがい, “Big Difference”) is a Japanese four-panel comedy manga series by Kazusa Yoneda, serialized in Ichijinsha’s seinen manga magazine Manga 4-Koma Palette since June 2011. The series has received an anime television series adaptation, which began airing in July 2015. The story revolves around Haruki and his four sisters: Mutsuki, Yayoi, Uzuki, and Satsuki. While their life may seem monotonous—aside from the fact that Haruki’s sisters don’t give him a single opportunity to rest, lecturing him about every perceived mistake and playing tricks on him—Haruki still likes his life. Danchigai it’s a funny and short anime, with some adorable characters, a great art and a fair plot for a slice of life. It shows some scenarios of a day by day that Haruki and his four sisters, one older, one a little younger and two little girls spend everyday. The conversations between them are funny and you end up getting carried away by the light humor.

Music Collection / Song Collection (Vol.1) (Vol. 2)

Danchigai Song Collection Vol.1

だんちがい Song Collection Vol.1
Catalog Number SOH-AA001
Release Date Aug 26, 2015
Published by Saitama Music Broadcasting
Composed, Arranged, & Lyrics by shusei[sociallocker]
01 Shiawase no Kakera 4:10
Performer: Mutsuki Nakano (CV: Satomi Akesaka)
02 Kininaru Aitsu wa Arienai!? 4:56
Performer: Yayoi Nakano (CV: Mikako Komatsu)
03 Gentle Mischief 3:45
Performer: Uzuki Nakano (CV: Sora Tokui)
04 Princess Durandal 4:29
Performer: Satsuki Nakano (CV: Sayaka Horino)
File Size: 40 MB (320kbps)
Password: Musica_MaGiC[/sociallocker]

Danchigai Music Collection

だんちがい Music Collection
Catalog Number SOH-AA003
Release Date Aug 26, 2015

Part 1: Character Song & Ending Theme Instrumental Ver.:
01 しあわせのかけら
02 気になるアイツはありえないっ!?
03 Gentle Mischief
04 Princess Durandal
05 Early Morning
06 Let a good day
07 いたずらサンバ
08 空想少女

Part 2″ Soundtrack
Composed & Arranged by shusei
Total Producer & Recording Director: shusei
Acoustic Guitar Solo: 伊東一豊
Violin: Miki Fujimoto [藤本美樹]
09 だんちがいテーマ
10 優しい雰囲気
11 晴輝
12 夢月
13 弥生
14 羽月
15 咲月
16 アバンタイトル
17 予告
18 ゆるやか
19 コミカル(いたずら)
20 オチ1
21 オチ2A
22 オチ2B
23 オチ2C
24 戦い
25 エロティック
26 ドキマキ
27 萌え
28 デレ弥生
29 回想子供時代
30 お出掛け
31 颯爽A
32 颯爽B
33 わがまま、背伸び
34 魔法少女エコーA
35 魔法少女エコーB
36 DCガイ
37 CM
38 ドタバタ
39 夏のイメージA
40 夏のイメージB
41 双子王女
42 中二病
43 天然
44 ホラー映画、ゲーム
45 主題歌[sociallocker]
Password: Musica_MaGiC
File Size: 158 MB (320kbps)[/sociallocker]