Tanken Driland Zettai Sugoi! Theme Song Collection

テレビアニメ探検ドリランド 絶対すごい!主題歌集
Released: Apr 23, 2014
Catalog No. COCX-38490

≪Track List≫
1. Together~探検ドリランド~ (SONG Collection)
2. Go ahead! (SONG Collection)
3. My Justice (SONG Collection)
4. Voice of Heart (SONG Collection)
5. ギュッと、きっと、ずっと。 (SONG Collection)
6. Wing (SONG Collection)
7. Awakening (SONG Collection)
8. True Mission (SONG Collection)
10. Go ahead~SSR~ (SONG Collection)
11. Chant (BGM Collection)
12. La Canzone di Inferno (BGM Collection)
13. Dame Fortune (BGM Collection)
14. 街の風景 (BGM Collection)
15. Una Canzone Paradisiaca (BGM Collection)
16. 憂い (BGM Collection)
17. In the Darkness (BGM Collection)
18. 弱きこころ (BGM Collection)
19. Diavolo (BGM Collection)
20. Fear Approaching (BGM Collection)
21. 自分の裡の敵 (BGM Collection)
22. Conjecture (BGM Collection)
23. What Is Wrong with You!?
24. ようこそドリランドへ! ~Solo Piano Version (BGM Collection)
25. Nightmare (BGM Collection)
26. Una Canzone Paradisiaca ~Lento (BGM Collection)
27. アイキャッチIII (BGM Collection)
28. ようこそドリランドへ! ~Rock Version (BGM Collection)

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Tanken Driland

Tanken Driland / 探検ドリランド
In the world of Driland people known as Hunters search monster infested ruins and dungeons for treasure. The protagonist princess Mikoto is influenced by a legendary hunter named Bonny and decides to become a hunter as well. After being told no she runs away and becomes hunter anyways. Mikoto’s attendant Wallens joins her but to try and bring her back home. They are joined on their journey by Pollan a hunter who want to be a hero and Paan a wondering Knight. There are also hints of some great evil coming to the world and that Mikoto and her companions will have to fight it. Tanken Driland is a light hearted adventure story that fallows standard JRPG formulas. If you are a fan of JRPGs or adventure stories then give this one a try.

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