Gakkou no Kaidan

Ghost Stories (学校の怪談, lit. “School Ghost Stories”), also known as Ghosts at School, is a 20-episode anime series created in 2000 by animation studio Pierrot and Aniplex for Fuji Television, based on a book series by Tōru Tsunemitsu. Years ago, all of the ghosts in a haunted schoolhouse were banished by a certain student. Now, they’re back—and they want revenge…

Satsuki and Keiichirou Miyanoshita are two siblings recovering from the tragic loss of their mother. After moving to their mother’s hometown, they learn that the local school they have transferred to is an old building—one said to be haunted. Despite initially brushing it off as a silly rumor, the two soon discover that ghosts are indeed real and that they’re after them! Gakkou no Kaidan is the creepy tale of the lives of these siblings and their newfound friends as they try to survive the school’s ghosts—with a little help from their pet cat along the way.

[Mar 07, 2001] Gakkou no Kaidan Original Soundtrack

Gakkou no Kaidan OST

Gakkou no Kaidan Original Soundtrack
Ghost Stories Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number SVWC-1311
Release Date Mar 07, 2001

BGM: kaoru wada
01 眠りを覚ますのは誰だ
02 サブタイトル
03 旧校舎パニック
04 忍び寄る気配
05 勇気をふりしぼれ
06 霊民の呪文
07 通学路
08 立入禁止
09 偶然?それとも…
10 漆黒の迷路
11 いにしえの刻(とき)
12 おばけのタンゴ
13 闇に浮かぶ瞳
14 運命
15 ピンチ!
16 思い出のときめき
17 吹き抜ける風
18 さつきと敬一郎
19 夕暮れのメロディ
20 見えないチカラ
21 逆転!
22 家へ帰ろう
23 後ろに何かいる!
24 チミモウリョウ
25 涙のあとに
26 心霊研究家
27 レクイエム
28 対決!!
29 霧の向こう側
30 悪い夢
31 朝がやってくる
32 ともだち
33 あやかし
34 グロウアップ “Hysteric Blue”
35 Sexy Sexy “Cascade”

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