Future GPX Cyber Formula Memories

新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラ Memories
発売日 1996/09/26
型番 DPCX-5084

1. Winners(G・GRIP)
2. I’ve Got to Ride(ダイナマイト・シゲ)
3. I’ll Come(G・GRIP)
4. DREAMER ON THE ROAD(ダイナマイト・シゲ)
5. FLAME!(ダイナマイト・シュウ)
6. Winners(英語)(ダイナマイト・シゲ)
7. バラードのように…(ダイナマイト・シン)
8. Winners(ダイナマイト・シゲ)
9. BORN TO BE CHAMP(ダイナマイト・シゲ)
10. 限界DREAMER(木下ゆみ)
11. MY HEART,MY STAR(木下ゆみ)

1. I’M RUNNIN’ BACK(木下ゆみ)
3. INNOCENT ROAD~誰よりも速い風(木下ゆみ)
4. Good Night(ダイナマイト・シゲ)
5. WIND IS HIGH(木下ゆみ)
6. BE TOUGH!(ダイナマイト・シゲ)
7. 風の贈り物(大木理紗)
8. Get Up!(木下ゆみ)
9. 見えない明日を捜して(ダイナマイト・シゲ)
10. BRAND NEW DREAM(木下・ゆみ)
11. Winners(サイバーFRIENDS)

Future GPX Cyber Formula

Future GPX Cyber Formula (新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラ) is a 37-episode anime television series by Sunrise (Hajime Yatate). It originally aired in Japan between March 15, 1991 and December 20, 1991. Cyber Formula is a show about Formula racing in the future, when race cars are equipped with computer support systems called ‘Cyber Systems’. Cyber Formula is about car racing (Grand Prix), but there’s a catch. It takes place in a near future, where the technology is more advanced. All cars are equiped with a computer system that aids the racer in many ways such as giving advice and tips, detecting dangers ahead, and basically fulfilling drivers’ wishes. The computers understand human languages and can somewhat intereact with people.

It is 2015. Kazami Hayato, a 14 year old boy gets involved in an unexpected event that eventually leads him to become a driver in Cyber Formula Grand Prix. Racing cars are equipped with advanced computer navigation system that can interact with its driver to aid and fulfill driver’s needs. With “Asurada” a racing machine that was created by his father, Hayato and his team take on the world’s toughest drivers to become the youngest champion in the history of Grand Prix.

In a sense, it has a story of typical sport anime. A main character tries to become the best at what he does, in this case it is car racing. You will definitely see a lot of car racings in this anime. What makes racing unique in this anime is that each round takes place in different parts of the world with many different and difficult obstacles that racers have to face. It’s not your typical “just go around in circle” car racing. This series also shows us what kind of hardships and challenges that racers face while striving forward to their goals. What makes Cyber Formula shine are all the intense dramas that take place, complimented by some timely humor and heart warming moments.

[Sept 26, 1996] Future GPX Cyber Formula Memories