Great Teacher Onizuka (グレート・ティーチャー・オニヅカ ), officially abbreviated as GTO, is a Japanese shōnen manga written and illustrated by Tooru Fujisawa. The story focuses on 22-year-old ex-bōsōzoku member Eikichi Onizuka, who becomes a teacher at a private middle school, Holy Forest Academy, in Tokyo, Japan. It won the 1998 Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen and is a continuation of Tohru Fujisawa’s other manga series Shonan Junai Gumi (lit. “Shōnan True Love Group”) and Bad Company, both of which focus on the life of Onizuka before he becomes a teacher in Great Teacher Onizuka.

Due to the popularity of the manga, several adaptations of GTO were established. These adaptations include a twelve-episode Japanese television drama running from July to September 1998; a live-action film directed by Masayuki Suzuki and released in December 1999; and a 43-episode anime television series aired in Japan by Fuji Television and Animax from June 1999 to September 2000. A second live action series aired in Japan during 2012, and two more in 2014.

[Aug 11, 1999] OP1: L’Arc~en~Ciel – Driver’s High
[Sep 01, 1999] ED1: Kirari – Last Piece
[Oct 21, 1999] GTO Original Soundtrack 2
[Jan 26, 2000] OP2: Porno Graffitti – Hitori no Yoru
[Feb 02, 2000] ED2: Okuda Miwaku – Shizuku
[Jul 05, 2000] GTO Original Soundtrack 2

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TV Animation GTO Original Soundtrack
TVアニメーション GTO オリジナルサウンドトラック
Catalog Number SVWC-1405
Release Date Oct 21, 1999

BGM: Yusuke Homma
01 The Theme from GTO 3:20
02 Bike Investigation 6:14
03 ONIZUKA Impossible 1:42
04 The Happiness of 6 Tatamis 0:56
05 German Suplex of Anger 2:11
06 ONIZUKA’S Blues 1:26
07 Road to Teacher 1:31
08 Fire That Guy!! 1:54
09 Kattobi Rock’n’Roll 1:44
10 Cresta of Love 1:54
11 Son of a bitch!! 1:40
12 Open Up Your Ass!! 2:06
13 An Usual Record 1:22
14 Teacher Banzai!! 3:17
15 Like the National Kid… 1:54
16 Teaching Forever 1:43
17 Live With Only Luck!? 2:10
18 Eggplants and Cucumbers 2:13
19 The Theme from GTO (Great Brass Version)

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MP3/320kbpsYes99 MBSolidfiles


TV Animation GTO Original Soundtrack 2
TVアニメーション GTO オリジナルサウンドトラック2
Catalog Number SVWC-1309
Release Date Jul 05, 2000

BGM: Yusuke Homma
01 Night Alone 4:09 (OP1)
02 Smoke on the Rooftop 2:59
03 Cosplay Mania 1:00
04 Pink Delusions 1:10
05 Psyche de Psycho 1:59
06 Musashino Evening Scenery 3:40
07 Teacher, Help Me! 4:36
08 Concrete Jungle “MISSION ONIZUKA” 3:17
09 Shivering Heart 1:10
10 Prologue to ONIZUKA’s Accidental Discharge 1:40
11 Tiny Bravery 1:41
12 Melody of Awkward Love 5:09
13 Happy End & Twist 3:34
14 Drop (ED1)

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MP3/320kbpsNo91 MBSolidfiles

Miwako Okuda – Shizuku

“Shizuku” is Okuda Miwako’s debut single, and was used as the ending theme song to the Fuji TV anime “GTO”.
Released 2000.02.02
Catalog Number SRCL-4725

1. Shizuku (しずく; Drop)
2. Sayonara Egoist (さよならエゴイスト; Goodbye Egoist)
3. Shizuku (しずく (S.G.L.mix))
4. Shizuku (Instrumental)

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MP3/256kbpsNo25 MBMediafire

Porno Graffitti – Hitori no Yoru

“Hitori no Yoru” is Porno Graffitti’s second single. The title track was used as the second opening theme for the anime Great Teacher Onizuka.
Released Jan 26, 2000
Catalog Number SRDL-4679

1. Hitori no Yoru (ヒトリノ夜)
2. Dilemma (ジレンマ)
3. Hitori no Yoru (Backing Track)

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MP3/320kbpsNo27 MBMirrorcreator

L’Arc-en-Ciel – Driver’s High

“Driver’s High” is the eighteenth single by L’Arc-en-Ciel, released on August 11, 1999 it reached number 2 on the Oricon chart. The title track was used as the first opening theme for the anime adaptation of Great Teacher Onizuka.

1. Driver’s High
2. cradle ~down to the earth mix~

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MP3/320kbpsNo28 MB4shared