Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita.

Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Local Idol] Yatte Mita., 普通の女子校生が【ろこどる】やってみた。
Futsū no Joshikōsei ga Locodol Yattemita (Normal High School Girls Tried Being Local Idols) is a 4-panel comedy manga series by Kōtarō Kosugi, serialized in Ichijinsha’s Manga 4-Koma Palette magazine since 2011. It has been collected in two tankōbon volumes as of January 2014. An anime television series adaptation by Feel has been announced and is airing starting July 2014.

High school girl Nanako Usami became her town Nagarekawa’s local idol at the request of her uncle. She and her upperclassman Yukari- a girl who seems perfect but ends up being air-headed- both become idols of their provincial area. They get interviewed (by the town’s shopping center), go on television (low-budget cable), and hold concerts (on the roof of the department store). The girls’ salaries come from the town’s taxes. Together, the two form the “locodol” unit Nagarekawa Girls. The story is about the life of a high school girl, Nanako, and her senpai, Yukari, who end up becoming the town’s local idols (locodol) upon the request of her uncle.

Opening Theme: “Mirai Fanfare” by Nagarekawa Girls
Ending Theme: “Mirai Shoujo Tachi” by Nagarekawa Girls
Locodol OST: Waga Machi, Nagarekawa
Vocal Album:
1 – Locodol Kagai Katsudo Hokoku
2 – Locodol ~Idol, Yattemasu!~
[Aug 19, 2015] 3 – Nonbiriya no Yukari-san to…

Locodol ~Nonbiriya no Yukari-san to…~

Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yattemita. Song & Drama Album ~Nonbiriya no Yukari-san to…~
普通の女子校生が【ろこどる】やってみた。 ソング&ドラマアルバム~のんびり屋のゆかりさんと…~
Catalog Number COCX-39225
Release Date Aug 19, 2015

01 また明日ね 5:07
Performer: Yukari Kohinata (CV: Sachika Misawa)
02 未来飛行 4:31
Performer: Mirai Nazukari (CV: Inori Minase)
03 4 the Dream 4:17
Performer: Yukari Kohinata (CV: Sachika Misawa), Yui Mikoze (CV: Maya Yoshioka)
04 あぁ流川 (幻のオリジナル・ヴァージョン) 3:38
Performer: 香山千恵子 (CV: N/A)
05 オリジナルCDドラマ「縁の日常篇」 20:41
Cast: Sachika Misawa, Miku Ito, Maya Yoshioka, Inori Minase, Asami Shimoda, Takehiro Murozono, Eriko Matsui, Amina Sato [佐藤亜美菜]
06 また明日ね (Off Vocal Version) 5:07
07 未来飛行 (Off Vocal Version) 4:29
08 4 the Dream (Off Vocal Version) 4:15