Uchuu Kyodai

July 9, 2006- 
Under a full constellation of stars,
two brothers dreamt of becoming an astronaut, and promised that some day,
they would fly there... together.
Twenty years later, younger brother Hibito realized his end of this promise,
becoming the first Japanese astronaut to set his foot on the moon.
Meanwhile hinto’s older brother Mutta was reminded of the long-forgotten dream,
and stands up tp fulfill his end of the promise!

Space Brothers / 宇宙兄弟
The story was simple, its about Nanba Mutta as the older brother who had promised with his younger brother, Nanba Hibito. to become an Astronaut together. But, then the life changes them. Now, Nanba Hibito is on training for becoming an astronaut and as for the older brother, he is just being fired from his company. And until then Mutta as the older brother have a motto that older brother must take a step ahead against his younger brother, luckily, there was an audition for becoming an astronaut. and so Mutta without hestitate sign for the audition and not just that, the detail of the way they tells us about space, NASA, and the outer things was really perfect. when i watching this anime, i cant help myself to google some of the fact in this anime, like “did you know that Moon’s sand was so sharp as a shard of glass?” and not just that, the details about space and NASA is really increasing our knowledge about it.

Opening Theme
#1: “Feel So Moon” by Unicorn
#2: “Eureka” by Sukima Switch
#3: “Yume Miru Sekai” by DOES
#4: “Small World” by Fujifabric
#5: “Kienai E” by Magokoro Brothers
#6: “Crater” by Merengue
#7: “HALO” by tacica
#8: “B.B” by The Yatou

Ending Theme
#1: “Subarashiki Sekai” by Rake
#2: “Kokuhaku” by Angela Aki
#3: “Tete” by Akihisa Kondou
#4: “Goodbye Isaac” by Motohiro Hata
#5: “BEYOND” by Miho Fukaraha
#6: “Yozora no Taiyou” by Flower Companyz
#7: “New World” by Kasarinchu
#8: “Anata ga ireba OK!” Serena

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