Towa no Hana / Namoshirenu Hana

A maxi single containing the intro and outro themes for anime show “Ai yori Aoshi” that started airing in April 2002 on Fuji Network. The opening theme song is performed by Yoko Ishida who also did “Sugar Baby Love” the opening theme for “Snow Sugar.” The outro theme is performed by the Indigo.
藍より青し-永遠の花/名も知れぬ花 / 石田燿子/Indigo
Release Date April 24, 2002
Catalog No. PICA-18

1. Towa no Hana – Yoko Ishida
2. Namoshirenu Hana – the indigo
3. Towa no Hana (karaoke)
4. Namoshirenu Hana (karaoke)[sociallocker]
File Size: 37 MB (320kbps)[/sociallocker]